About Us

What Is Visual Advertising And How Can A Floating Cloud Make My Event Soar?

SmileCloudsUSA was formed as a way to help event professionals, wedding coordinators and party planners reach target audiences in a way that has never been seen before. Using cutting-edge technology melded with environmentally friendly soap fluid, water and helium, we create custom shaped clouds that float for miles, gradually dissipating and leaving zero trace behind. These amazing clouds range from 16 inches to a whopping eight feet and can be relevant to the event and are guaranteed to attract attention in any scenario they're presented in. From baby showers to life celebrations and blue light specials to red carpet galas, SmileCloudsUSA perfectly captures the moment in jaw-dropping style!
Stop us if you've heard this one before. Our annual event is coming up. Ticket sales are down the last few years and we have got to bring in something fresh. You've done the bounce house thing and balloons have been banned outdoors (yay)! People are looking for something that is unique and will be memorable for their valued attendees. It doesn't matter if your guests are 1 or 101, everyone wants to be entertained and it is up to you to put on a great show. It starts with a conversation that allows us to work together to create custom stencils that form our unique clouds tailored to your event. We then generate computer designs that are cut to size and test for approval prior to the event. We take great pride in our creativity, craftsmanship and the final product, ensuring that everyone that attends will remember seeing something amazing that few have ever seen before.
Our SmileClouds and the reactions they create truly give us immense pleasure watching crowds interact with them. We especially enjoy children stretching their little arms out to catch a cloud, or chop a dolphin in half. However, adults are not immune to the effect of seeing a pig fly or a butterfly gracefully take flight. There is magic in every cloud and we've all sat on our backs and compared shapes in the sky as clouds slowly drift by. Our 100% eco-friendly floating foam shapes are perfect in any setting, from a high energy rock concert to a sustainable farm where we add wildflower seeds for the coolest instance of seed-bombing Mother Nature has ever experienced! We invite you to come up with a gathering where SmileCloudsUSA wouldn't enhance the user experience because we have tried, and we've yet to come up with an occasion that doesn't soar using SmileCloudsUSA.