Become A SmileCloudsUSA Distributor Or Own A Territory

Get In On The Ground Floor Of The Hottest Visual Marketing Idea Since The TV

Maybe we are a little optimistic (OK a lot) and are having a little fun but owning a SmileCloudsUSA business is a LOT of fun! If you're ready to start charting your own course we would love to talk with you about owning a territory. If you are looking for a side business that capitalizes on your knowledge of the events world, a distributor program may work better for you. Which ever way you choose, you'll have access to great pricing, expertise and training to help you succeed and grow at your own pace.

Do You LOVE What You Do? Or Do You Need To Get In GEAR

The first thing anyone should do when considering a new career, investing in a company or starting a sidebiz is research. Exhaustive research! Especially when the company and product you're considering is something that is so unique and relatively unseen throughout North America and really, the entire world.

 Before we started SmileCloudsUSA we talked with dozens of event planning professionals and 99% said they'd never seen anything like it. Talk about ground floor opportunities. These are the folks that see products before they hit the mainstream shelf. Of course, just because it is new and unseen, that doesn't make it a guaranteed hit. And for every hit there are hundreds of misses. Ultimately after four months of research, late night Skype sessions with the manufacturer in China and a "you only live once" mentality, the first order was placed.

We were given a small discount seeing as we'd been so persistent and bought a 16 inch LITE and 36 inch PLUS and fluid to test our new wonders. We had to wire the money upfront and while slightly concerned, had gained a lot of trust in our new partner so we anxiously waited the arrival. We were greeted by two sturdy boxes containing the cloud machines and another containing the proprietary surfactant (soap fluid). Like a kid on Christmas we dove in and naturally went to fire up the 36 inch model. Tremendous disappointment followed as the PLUS machine didn't work.
image of a round gear stencil with a picture of the SmileCloudsUSA logo in the center

Now why would we admit that the first machine we ever brought in failed? Because after two plus decades in sales and very high end management the lesson has burned in. It's not always how you react when things go right but more important, how you fix it when things go wrong. And for us this was a pretty epic fail.

Begrudgingly we turned our attention to the LITE cloud maker and the small hearts and stars that rose upward lifted our spirits like the beautiful shimmering clouds it produced.
 That night we spoke with tech support and were asked to run some tests the next day while videoing the results. After ONE day the manufacturer said they'd be sending out a replacement plus cover the shipping, no questions asked. That defective machine still sits in our shop untouched, acting as a symbol of trust between us while the replacement is still happily making clouds in our rental pool.

Hopefully your patience and valuable time reading this gives you a better feel how we work and our company values. We would be honored to speak with you about representing SmileCloudsUSA in any capacity. If you are interested in learning more, please contact me directly at my personal email and I will be delighted to answer any questions you have. Together we can decide the best fit for you and your situation while helping make brand recognition soar around the globe with SmileCloudsUSA!
We provide a unique product that literally knows no bounds and is perfect in almost every circumstance. From Street Marketers, Event Planners, Wedding Coordinators and Brand Recognition specialists, we are an attention grabbing phenomenon that combats over saturation in traditional marketing channels. We've helped people celebrate births and memorialized lives. From the smallest gathering to red-carpet extravaganzas, SmileCloudsUSA makes sure that your special event leaves a lasting imprint. Compliments live on through social media, word of mouth and personal memories for years. Your event attendees will always recall where they were when they saw your themed-clouds etched in their minds for years!