Browse through our Gallery and brainstorm your next event, party or upcoming brand recognition experience. We add images often so please check back regularly and see what we've done lately. Remember, we can make almost any cloud shape and the pictures below represent a fraction of the amazing floating foam creations that we are flying all over the world!

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Image of a heart shaped cloud floating in front of palm trees
picture of a gas mixer sitting on a SmileCloudsUSA cloud making machine
image of a smilecloudsusa white dolphin floating in front of a palm tree
picture of a young girl jumping for a smilecloudsusa unicorn cloud
smilecloudsusa collage of many clouds
picture of a cloud that looks like the Apple logo from the Vero Beach ELC show
image of a flying five foot shark made by SmileCloudsUSA
picture of a floating cloud shaped like an airplane surrounded by palm trees and blue sky