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SmileCloudsUSA 16 Inch LITE Cloud Machine


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Happy children watch clouds being made by SmileCloudsUSA staff at the vero beach air show food festival in vero beach florida
Kids play with leftover SmileClouds fluid at a birthday party held at Quail Valley Country Club in Vero beach Florida in 2016
A young girl points at a heart shaped foam cloud at the Heritage Center in Vero Beach Florida during SmileCloudsUSA performance at the Hibiscus Festival in 2017
A young boy in a pink shirt launches a pink soap cloud made by SmileCloudsUSA at the Burgers And Brews Festival July 1, 2017
A pink SmileCloudsUSA cloud music note flies away from a SmileClouds machine at the Vero Beach Bacon Festival in 2017
A young blonde girl releases a large foam cloud shaped like a butterfly in a green field made by SmileCloudsUSA


LITE Model Sends 12 Eye-Catching Clouds Skyward Per Minute


Be the first in your town to make money making clouds! Your custom shaped clouds keep your current crowd engaged while drawing in others that see them floating overhead. Perfect for any event and guaranteed to be talked about and shared on social media, bringing you attention – and business! Special limited time $200 off discount will end soon. See below why this deal won’t last long! Contact us today to lock in the savings!




Easy To Transport


Weighs less than 40 pounds and easily fits in any car seat or trunk




Safe For Indoor Use


Clouds can be launched indoors with no staining and during cold seasons




Uses Little Helium


Fluid and helium last for days due to compact design and technology


Who Can Earn Money With SmileCloudsUSA?


We like to think: Who can’t earn money with SmileCloudsUSA!


Established Planners

Add To Your Current Offerings


Enhance your events and cash in


Budding Planners

Great Way To Start Your Planning Biz


Become instantly in-demand


First Time Entrepreneurs

Start Small And Scale As Desired


Low upfront investment cost


Retired Persons
Stay Busy And Have Lots Of Fun


Work together with grandchildren


Weekend Warriors
Make Extra Cash In A Few Hours


Supplement your income


College Students
Easily Rent On And Off Campus


Sports events, PSA’s and causes


Capitalize On SmileClouds Scarcity Today

A SmileCloudsUSA logo sign sits behind multiple SmileClouds machines making foam clouds that say I Love U


If you’ve been searching for a way to boost sagging event attendance we guarantee people remember where they saw our clouds. Possibly you’ve wanted to break into the event professional field but felt you needed that THING to set you apart, we have that. Perhaps you needed to find something unique not everyone is doing, SmileCloudsUSA checks that box.

There’s still time to capitalize on the SmileClouds scarcity craze. That won’t last forever though and neither will our special $200 discount. We will only discount an allotted amount of machines so you’ll never have a better time to start than today!


Special Discount Get $200 Off,
When You Order Your Machine Today
Discount Code: SCUSA$200
Discount Expires In


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