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Across Town Or Across The Country, Helping Launch Brands And Engagement To The Top!

If you're looking to rent SmileClouds machines you've come to the right place. We pride ourselves on making certain you have every detail covered before, during and after your event. From stencil design to operating the machine, packing materials to return freight, you can feel confident every step of the way.

We understand if you feel a little intimidated when you consider renting a machine that literally "makes clouds." Rest assured our machines are very simple to operate and only require our environmentally friendly soap fluid, ordinary tap water and helium. Our machines don't require noisy air compressors, special water and incredibly, they need no electricity. We go wherever the action is-or is about to be! Beaches, flash mobs on the move, on parade floats, yachts or cruise ships, photo shoots... Anywhere! Brand activation and crowd engagement just took flight!

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Including Budget, Location Of Event, Approx Hours Required, Desired Cloud Shapes etc

image of a floating foam cloud in a dolphin shape in front of trees and a blue sky amde by smilecloudsusa
image of a huge cloud shaped like a bomb floating in front of a father and child

Crazy Engagement For Un-Crazy Money

 We start with a discussion centering on what theme your event is and how we can enhance the user experience with you. Our custom stencil pros take your vision and bring it to life in the shape of dreamy gently floating clouds that soar with the birds. When your stencils are decided on we discuss the timing of the event, how long you need the machine and shipping-we arrange both to and from you. We even walk you through how to get your helium and are happy to order this for you from a local gas company. We make sure you understand the simple operating manual and begin designing the stencils you have chosen. Once your package arrives we take you step by step through unpacking, setup, use and repacking-even including pallet strapping materials. When you're ready to fly we video conference on Skype or Facebook making sure everything runs flawlessly.

"SmileClouds turn adults into kids"

We realize not everyone has the budget, or desire to own a cloud making machine. We also realize that shouldn't stop you from making your event turn into an amazing extravaganza. Your event ROI is an important piece of the puzzle but sometimes it's not easy to measure in dollars and cents. However you can measure engagement, buzz and social proof by actively watching the event attendees. SmileClouds turn adults into kids -- and between the pictures, videos and sharing - from YOUR event, many more social media check-ins occur.
Choose from our six models below to get started. We are headquartered in Vero Beach Florida roughly two hours southeast of Orlando and three hours north of Miami. We have distributors throughout North America and travel to shows if you'd like us to handle things from start to finish so you can focus on other aspects. If you are interested in becoming a distributor or owning a territory Click Here               

We also provide a "Rent To Own" program that has been very well received by many Event Profs. The steps are exactly the same as the standard rental program. We set a rental price based on usage days, machine type(s), shipping time etc, but we credit back 50% of the rental cost when you purchase the machine. A try and buy philosophy that allows you a chance to make sure you love our products before ultimately purchasing. We love what we do and your happiness is paramount to positive feedback and referrals among your peer groups, which we absolutely strive to exceed!
16-Inch machine
36-Inch machine
48-Inch machine
60-Inch machine
80-Inch machine
100-Inch machine
Whether you are four miles away or four states away, our service will make your rental smooth and as worry free as possible. Regardless if you're a mom throwing a birthday party for 10 or a Event Coordinator leading a team of 10 we realize that throwing a bash can be a very stressful proposition. We promise to go above and beyond your expectations so that you look good. We recognize that great events do not just happen. We aspire for more than wow, we look to create memories with you!