Fill The Sky With Eco-Friendly Clouds That Create An Unforgettable Experience

We currently have six cloud making machine sizes ranging from 16 inches to 100 inches to fit all your event needs. Each model comes with a unique pre-treater that works in harmony with the machine and helium to make the clouds rise. When you purchase a machine from SmileCloudsUSA we walk you through the operating process with written and video instruction and even include a personal Skype or other video conference instruction. We make sure you receive everything needed to start making your clouds in a matter of minutes. We keep a large variety of machines at our HQ in Vero Beach Florida and also are able to ship direct from the manufacturing plant direct to your door. Our proprietary soap fluid that mixes with your ordinary tap water is a crucial component to producing a superior cloud and is always in stock for urgent needs here in North America or abroad. As every special event is unique, each cloud making machine is too so see below for a brief description of each machine's capabilities and some case study examples to help guide you to select the perfect machine that matches your needs.
picture of children reaching for soap clouds at the vero beach BaconFest made by SmileCloudsUSA

LITE 16 Inch: This little dynamo is perfect for birthday parties, home use or as an add-on with larger machines. Kids love cutting their own clouds and the LITE model is small enough for even the youngest child to launch their own clouds into the sky. Makes around 15 hearts, stars and music notes per minute and is easily moved as it weighs less than 40 pounds. 

PLUS 36 Inch: Our most popular model creates larger shapes like snowflakes, dolphins and a dollar sign. The PLUS engages audiences with around eight detailed clouds per minute. If you're looking to really fill the sky you can create three shapes in the stencil and triple your foamy fun. Cut em' in one swipe or individually for a nonstop vertical parade. Easily moved as it weighs only 85 pounds and has handles on two sides. Ships in a double-walled box and is ready to make magical memories the moment it arrives!

PRO 48 Inch: Event professionals are constantly looking for new and unique ways to wow their clients. Special functions need special products and our 48 inch PRO cloud machine absolutely checks that box! Create enormous logos, emojis or cuddly animal shapes or you can light up the sky with one or two names as we show above with Jake Owen. This model and the others below ship in a double-walled box on a pallet.

DELUXE 60 Inch: Grand openings, product launches, sporting events, concerts and weddings are but a few examples of the perfect occasion to unleash five foot floating billboards! Guaranteed to stop traffic and draw curious onlookers to discover where these amazing flying foam motifs are coming from. Integrate with special effects lighting, fog and music or color them for your event theme. The possibilities are truly endless as will all the accolades for you and your company!
80 Inch BANNER And 100 Inch CUSTOM: If you are looking to create sensory overload at your event, either of these models will make you the talk of the town. Visual marketing has never seen anything like these giant floating eye magnets. When your goal is to outshine the competition you've got to offer something that sets you apart from the crowd. We would love to help you do just that. Perfect for Street Marketing teams, Pattern Disruption, Pop-Ups or viral Guerrilla Marketing campaigns. From carnivals to cruise ships, NFL to NAACP and everything in between, SmileCloudsUSA makes your event and your brand SOAR!